Wheelchi is an innovative and inclusive body and mind program. It combines the arts and science of Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and Breathwork.


    If you are temporarily or permanently sitting, have impaired physical mobility, you can now access, learn and practice the ancients Chinese Healing and Martial Arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan combined with the power of breathwork.


    This program has been tought since 2012 to hundreds of humans who could only see and feel their limits.


    It is an inspiration of my personal experience and the amazing work of my two mentors and teachers; Dr Zibin Guo (Wheelchair Tai Chi Master, Professor of Medical Anthropology) and Dr Belisa Vranich (Clinical Psychologist and International renowned breathing expert).


    I look forward to helping you see and feel beyond your limited perceptions.






  • What is Tai Chi Chuan?


    Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial art very well known for its defense techniques and health benefits.


    The phrase "Tai Chi Chuan" translates to "supreme ultimate fist" or "boundless fist".


    It takes its roots from traditional chinese medicine, martial arts techniques, bouddhist and Taoist philosophies.


    *Video source: London Tai Chi life school.



  • Courses

    Classes are taught online, through Skype, for small groups of min. 3 participants or in private.

    Seated Tai Chi for rehabilitation

    • Four key postures

    • Shortest and simpliest form

    • Takes between 3 to 6 months to acquire

    • Suitable if you are in a wheelchair

    • Can help if you had: stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes

    Dynamic Paralympic Wheel-Chi 13 moves

    • Originally created for the 2008 Paralympics

    • Takes 6 months to 1 year to acquire

    • A well thought combination of 13 key movements from Tai Chi Yang and Chen style

    • Move & become one with your wheelchair

    • Suitable for para-athletes, handisport lovers, people in wheelchair who have the use of their two arms

    Static Paralympic Wheel-Chi 13 moves

    • Same features than the dynamic form but without wheelchair motions

    • Also suitable for people who can walk but who have ambulatory limitation

  • For who?

    Individuals looking for
    body and mind balance.

    The great art of Tai Chi Chuan is now accessible to you! Discover how it can help you reconnect with your body, to empower you and to be healthier.

    Tai Chi teachers & advanced students.

    Now open for certification in Europe!

    An innovative, effective, low-cost body & mind activity that you can share and transmit to your students with limited mobility abilities. 

    Para-athletes &
    handisport lovers!

    A complementary training method that will help you improve your focus, coordination, breathing, increase your speed & reflexes. It will prevent from injuries and you find more peace and balance, especially before, during and after competition.

  • Wheelchi benefits

    Discover in this video from my partner team in USA, how you can benefit from this ancestral art.


    This is the first program of its kind in Europe!

  • Hi, i am Jean-Baptiste :)

    2006-07: Kung Fu Hungar, Lyon, France

    2007-09: Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Ji Yang, Hanoi, Viet Nam

    2009-11- Chen Tai Chi with Master Shi Yong Dao, 33th generation Shaolin monk, Berlin, Germany

    2011-13: Chen Tai Chi from Master Wang Xian lineage with Jean-Luc Walter & Alain Caudine, Montpellier, France

    2012: First certified instructor in Europe from Dr Guo' Seated & Wheelchair Tai Chi, Tennesse, USA

    2013: 1st Duan in Chen Tai Chi with the French Wushu Federation (FFW)

    2014: Certified teacher from French Tai Chi Chen Federation, IRAP (Research Institute of Fist Arts from Master Wang Xian), France

    We are all disabled !

    I have a friend who is blind. She can find her way through a dark room. I can't. There are other things i can do that she can't. 


    Wheel-Chi, or wheelchair Tai Chi Chuan is simply adaptive, not differentiating. It's for all and that's what i love!


    I am 37, French, currently living with my family in the German capital Berlin. I am a dedicated social entrepreneur, happy father of a very active 4 years old boy, happy husband of a fantastic East Berliner woman. I love traveling by train, Vietnamese food and Tai Chi chen !


    I look forward to supporting and to having a great time with you!



    My partner team in USA

    A big acknowledgement goes to Dr Zibin Guo, the driving force behind this unique program, and his fantastic team. 


    I feel simply blessed to have met them and to be able to coordinate their program in Europe.


    Dr. Zibin Guo is a highly regarded Tai Chi Master and currently a professor of medical anthropology at the University of Tennessee. 


    To know more about him, his team and their organisation, please visit: www.appliedtaiji.com 


    From left to right: Steve Long, Suzanne Long, myself, Dr Zibin Guo, Geoffrey Froner, Dr John Johnson.

  • How does it work & prices


    You can learn online through Skype, in the comfort of your home, without any transport issues! Or face-to-face in Berlin, Germany. 

    Taylor made.

    First we take the time to talk about what you want to learn and how. Then, together, we design a program that will fit your situation, your budget and your objectives. 


    You don't need to buy or to use any specific equipment to practice Wheel-Chi.


    Group, min. 4 participants:

    • 2 X 1h15 /month= 38 Euro
    • 4 x 1h15/month= 69 Euro

    Private class's:

    • 40 Euro per session 1h15
    • 10 hours pack= 360 Euro

    *First class is free


    The goal is to give you the keys and tools so that you can become more and more independent, practicing the form on your own, anytime, anywhere. Learning & experiencing Wheel-Chi is a life long journey..

    Tech requirements.

    All you need is a lap top or a computer, Skype, a web cam and a fast internet connection: minimum download speed 6 Mpbs. You can test your internet speed here: www.speedtest.net

    Your room.

    Should be bright :) If you want to learn the static seated form, 2 or 3 m2 are enough! If you go for the Dynamic wheelchair form, you'll need a bit more free space to move around, equivalent to between 6 and 8 m2.


    "Wheelchair Tai Chi Chuan & the Paralympics."

    — Dr Zibin Guo, The Diplomat

    "Who says the disabled cannot practice Tai Chi?"

    — By Anusuya Das, Asian Scientist

    "A cost effective fitness option."

    — Alternative treatments, Skin Inc

    "Taking wheelchair Tai Chi to China"

    -Deborah Franklin, NPR

    "To Improve physical and mental health

    -MNT & University of Tennessee

    "one of the simplest ways of engaging in self-care"

    - Taoist Arts Center, Dr Zibin Guo

  • Contact

    W'll get back to you as fast as possible.

    Jean-Baptiste Berné
    Zwieseler Str.20
    10318 BERLIN